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Have you noticed details that don’t seem to receive your casino manager’s attention? The table layouts are grubby or worn; several employees are without name badges or in ill-fitting uniforms; the same slot machine is still out-of-order? These are typical symptoms of a greater underlying management problem which may be putting your cash and business at risk. Let’s face it; any management team eventually becomes blind to the effects of gradual change, enthusiasm and energy levels wane, innovation stops and employees’ resistance to change sets-fast. We recommend a regular Health Check to make sure that your assets are kept safe, that staff and management remain fresh and energised, that players are championed and retained and that changes in the business environment are recognised so that appropriate steps can be initiated. The Health Check is a low-cost solution to long-term business health. Contact us now for your quote.

When a scam is in operation it is rarely isolated to one or two employees and care must be taken to expose its full extent in order to get rid of the scam completely. Scams are of course well concealed and very difficult to detect, so owners and top management must be highly alert to not only financial results but employee behaviour and weaknesses and holes in systems, equipment and the application of operating procedures. If you suspect that a scam may be in operation, contact us now. Please consider that unless you conduct regular operational audits, it’s probable that your profits are finding a way out by the back door!

The Operational Audit is a formal and in-depth audit of the casinos’ adherence to established operating procedures. It is an indispensable tool for assessing management performance, asset exposure, business risk and the maintenance of quality standards. Audits are conducted when there is a change of casino manager, during or after significant changes in business practice and on a scheduled basis to track progress and the maintenance of standards. The New World Gaming audit brings fresh insight into any casino. Contact us now for your quote.

New World Gaming provides advice, services and tools to support the development of casinos from the entrepreneurial phase, through the management phase and into the mature stage of managing managers. It also provides support for investor readiness and sale of the business. Contact us to set-up a confidential, no obligation discussion about your needs.

The power of current, appropriate and well-written Operating Manuals is enormous and indeed an essential management tool. The Operating Manuals which New World Gaming can develop and implement for you provide the following benefits:

  • Set-out the precise standard operating procedures for all business processes and tasks needed to be performed in the casino to achieve the targeted level of performance and quality expectations, consistently.
  • Empower employees to get on with their jobs without the need for direct instruction on every detail
  • Enables cross-training, interchange-ability, preparation for promotion and efficient placement of people in their jobs
  • Precise standard operating procedures provide a platform from which to improve business processes and improve the quality of delivery
  • Prescribe the values, standards, tasks and expectations for each job title in the casino against which objective performance appraisals can be routinely conducted
  • A focus for the communication and implementation of change, particularly in regard to automation
  • Provide a basis for training and up-skilling
  • Provide a basis for the measurement of overall management performance as conducted in the Operational Audit
  • Takes the crisis out of management
  • Enables management of the business to a plan
  • Prepares the business for investment or sale

Smoking bans, regulatory changes, online casinos, the rise of poker, new competition, and the arrival of disruptive new technology…indeed change is the only constant. Aside from the often complex and difficult tasks of arriving at appropriate options and deciding on the correct action, making the change happen is another thing altogether. The implementation path is typically obstructed by internal resistance and unexpected objections which require a process of consultation to be followed. New World Gaming offers the following support:

  • With our global presence and network of contacts we are often in a position to view similar problems or opportunities that have been successfully managed elsewhere and put this information forward.
  • Provide advice on gaming technology and suppliers
  • We have the tools, skills and experience to support the analysis of the implications of change and to generate options for action.
  • We are best placed to provide support for the change process in the form of impartial consultations with management and employees.

The security of assets entrusted to your employees, usually under dual control, relies to a large part on the risks and consequences of collusion and theft exceeding the benefits. In today’s economy, where many are facing hardship, perhaps supporting relatives for example, the balance has changed… If you haven’t changed the way you control your assets, then you are at greater risk. Don’t wait to find out the hard way, call us today to arrange a control procedure review.

Managing innovation within a casino operation is a complex undertaking requiring the management of uncertainty and methods for dealing with the tension between the needs for stable routines for efficiency and a loose flexible environment for creativity. NWG has the experience and tools to guide you through the minefield. Call us today to discuss our one-day workshop to get you started on the route to building your innovation capabilities.

New World Gaming offers Euroasia’s popular Casino Marketing Tune-Up under licence. This 5-days program is invaluable in revealing undiscovered opportunities and in energising your employees and management to further delight your customer and create additional and lasting value to your business. Contact us for details.

Are you texting your players when their favourite slot hasn’t paid the jackpot for a week? Does your number-plate recognition system alert you when a high-roller arrives in the car park? What innovative service sets you apart from your competition? Perhaps it’s time to speak to New World Gaming…

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